How To Start A Bike Club

Starting a bike club is a great initiative. It can help individuals and the community in many ways. To start a bike club, you first need to decide on your goals. Some bike clubs are created for advocacy, some to organize events, and others to provide safety education for cyclists. The way you develop your bike club depends on the specific goal you set.

To start this club, you first need helping hands. Try to get people who can work with you to form this club. The more people you can gather, the less workload you will have. You should find a good location for your club. You can rent a building or build a club venue from scratch; it all depends on your budget.

You then need to spend money on physical resources like furniture, bicycles, accessories, and more. You should hire one or multiple coaches who can train people to become better riders.

After you have established the physical space, you need to come up with the club rules and membership options. You should plan various events that will encourage more people to join your club. These events need not be just bicycle rides; these can be various recreational events like getting a free movie ticket when you go to the movie theatre by cycling.

You need to contact the local bike shop so that they can give a discount to your club members. This will also motivate many people to join your club. You can promote the local bike shop in your monthly newspaper in exchange.

You need to focus on the marketing materials and strategies. You can use the social network to spread the news of the club opening and offer special discounts for the new members. You can use flyers and posters to promote your bike club.

A bike club in the community will provide the members with useful information about new places where they can ride. It will allow them to meet other like-minded people and ride with them. The club can promote cycling in the community and make the local people active and fit.