Union Tune: $75 | Single-Speed Tune: $55 | Deluxe Tune: $95 | Overhaul: $175

At Union Street Cycle, a tune up doesn’t mean that we simply oil your chain, pump up your tires, and quickly run through the gears. We are extremely detail-oriented when it comes to our tune ups, and take pride in the great reputation we have worked so hard to create. We will perform a full assessment of your bike and explain to you what needs to be done to make it run as well as it possibly can.

Installations & Service


  • Tube and/or Tire: $12 per wheel
  • Brake Pads: $10 per caliper
  • Fender Set: $20+
  • Pedals: $10
  • Chain: $10
  • Cable & Housing: $15 per system
  • Components (Brake, Derailleur, etc.): $15+
  • Handlebar Tape: $15
  • Bottom Bracket/Headset: $25
  • Rack/Basket: $15+
  • Crankset: $20
  • Wheels: $20 – Rear, $15 – Front


  • Minor Adjustment: $10 minimum
  • Safety Check: $25
  • Brake/Derailleur Adjustment: $10
  • Drivetrain Clean: $40
  • Clean Bicycle: $35
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $30/caliper
  • Hub Overhaul: $25
  • IGH (Internal Gear Hub): $40+
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $35
  • Box Bike for Shipping: $40
  • Build Bike from Box (includes adjustments): $50
  • Wheel Truing: $15+
  • Spoke Replacement (includes wheel true): $25
  • Wheel Build (includes spoke length calculation): $50

Shop Hourly Rate: $75

Hand-Built Wheels

Serviceability . Reliability . Longevity

Why hand-built wheels?

When wheels are built by hand from quality parts, we’re better able to guarantee excellent workmanship on the wheel. We only use Sapim, DT Swiss or Wheelsmith stainless spokes. We grease all the nipple seats, use linseed oil on the threads, tension using a professional tension meter, and stress relieve the wheel all throughout the build. This is why hand-built wheels are often preferred over machine-built.

Bike Fitting


Book an appointment today.

During a bike fit, it might be necessary to change a stem or handlebar so we can find the correct size that provides optimal comfort and positioning on your bike. Having these products on hand allows us to provide greater service and convenience. Please come to your fitting in your riding clothing to ensure the best fit possible.

Bike fittings are by appointment only.